Klevgrand Tomofon Updates adds MPE Support and More

Klevgrand has announced that Tomofon – its ‘mothership’ synth – has been updated with MPE support, body resonance, multiple filter options, custom tuning and much more.

What they say about Tomofon 1.2:

“Tomofon v1.2 introduces MPE support (MIDI Polyphonic Expression), a feature that has gained even more attention in the past weeks with the release of Ableton Push 3. Thanks to the new Tomofon MPE mode, users can utilize pitch bend and controllers in a polyphonic manner, unlocking greater expressive possibilities.

Another new added feature is the ability to assign a “Body” to each patch. This feature enhances the realism of acoustic models by simulating the natural characteristics of various resonant spaces. Users can choose from a diverse selection of bodies, ranging from large boxes to metallic materials.

In response to user feedback, Klevgrand has also expanded the filter capabilities of Tomofon. In addition to the existing low-pass filter, users can now switch to high-pass and band-pass filters with two different slope options (12 dB/oct or 24 dB/oct).

When it comes to importing files, Tomofon v1.2 now also supports the import of .tun files, allowing users to utilize custom tunings in their compositions. This feature caters to musicians exploring alternative musical scales and tuning systems.

Furthermore, Klevgrand has also made several convenient updates to improve the user experience of Tomofon. Among other improvements, the audio model editor now featuring a zoom and scroll function, making it easier to work with audio models containing numerous waves.”

 Find out details on the Klevgrand website.

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