Kirnu Buttersynth for iPad features Wavetable, FM, Sample and Granular Synth Engines

Kirnu Interactive has introduced ButterSynth for iPad, a hybrid 6-oscillator wavetable/FM/sample-based AUV3 and standalone synthesizer that covers a vast sonic range.

ButterSynth enables you mix any combination of wavetable, FM, sample and granular synthesis engines. Other highlights include a deep modulation matrix, FX rack, factory waveform and sample libraries and more.


  • Mix and match any combination of 6 synthesis engines.
  • Dual-wavetable engines feature 9 phase modes, wave folding, and deep unison controls, modeled on vintage hardware synths.
  • Built-in wavetable editor gives you the ability to tweak, morph, and hand-draw your own custom wavetables, with each wavetable supporting up to 256 frames.
  • FM engine offers 4 operators with a selection of 12 modulation paths. Each operator can be loaded with any waveform from the factory or user library, and can also self-modulate via the feedback dial.
  • Sample and Granulator engines both let you load samples (either imported or from the factory library) and control precisely how they are chopped, triggered and layered. Both also feature the same powerful unison modes available in the WT engine.
  • Highly configurable 32-slot modulation matrix featuring precise mix/max ranges, self-modulation (via the amount target), plus configurable response curves and layer modes. Simply long-tap any parameter to set it as a Mod destination.
  • Full suite of versatile control sources which includes: 4x MSEG-style looping curve envelopes, 4x LFOs, 4x step sequencers, X/Y pad with motion recording, 8x Macro dials and a powerful arpeggiator inspired by Kirnu Interactive’s Cream.
  • The EFX rack lets you build your own insert effects chain using any combination of the 16 built-in FX modules. Modules available at launch include delay, reverb, distortion, chorus, OTT compression etc. Note – FX parameters can also be targeted by the mod matrix, unlocking the possibility to program ‘per voice’ modulated effects.
  • All presets, wavetables, samples and other settings are stored in the Files app, making bulk import/export, backup and community sharing quick and easy.

ButterSynth is available now for $19.99

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