GForce Introduces VSM IV Virtual String Machine

GForce Software delivers another dose of seductive ‘70s sounds with Virtual String Machine 4, ‘the perfect solution for creating the sound bed of your next track’. So, prepare to be beguiled by these classic instruments all over again.

GForce Software is back with another update to one of its existing synths – version IV of VSM (AKA Virtual String Machine 4) – which it’s calling “the perfect solution for creating the sound bed of your next track.”

This features sounds from 46 classic string machines, including models from the likes of Solina, Elka, Logan and Korg. This is significantly more than the 17 that VSM started with in version 1, and you can create hybrid patches thanks to the twin layer architecture. You get in excess of 1,900 presets, more than 200 of which are new, and 11.5GB-plus of sample data.

In addition, there are new features – a fully scalable UI and new patch and instrument browsers that are designed to make it easier for you to find the sound you’re looking for. Undo, redo, copy and paste functions are included.

Alongside these practical enhancements, you’ll find new ways to shape your sounds: wow and flutter; an alternative state-variable filter and ensemble effect; new LFO shaping possibilities; a chorus; and a matrix reverb. The poly aftertouch and velocity controls have been expanded, too, for even greater levels of expression.

VSM IV runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats, and has an introductory price of £84. The regular price will be £120. Find out more on the GForce Software website.


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