Full Bucket Music Bucket ONE, a free plugin emulates Crumar BIT One Synthesizer

Full Bucket Music latest free plugin brings back the Crumar Bit One analogue polysynth – Released back in the mid-’80s, the Crumar Bit One was an Italian 6-voice analogue synth that was viewed at the time as a cut-price rival to the Roland Juno-106.

Now, the company is attempting to bring the Bit One back into the public consciousness with the Bucket One, a free plugin emulation. Download a “close emulation” of this ‘80s curio for your DAW.

Bucket One is designed to closely resemble the original hardware, meaning you get two oscillators with a choice of three waveforms (triangle, sawtooth, pulse) and an additional white noise generator. In addition, there’s a self-resonating, four-pole low-pass filter and a VCA, both of which have ADSR envelopes, and a pair of LFOs.

Polyphony has been enhanced to 64 voices and there are now Split and Double modes. Micro-tuning is supported, there’s MIDI Learn, and the interface is resizable.

Coded in native C++, Bucket One promises high performance even on lower-spec systems, and runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/Clap formats. Find out more and download it on the Full Bucket Music website.
Bucket ONE Audio Demos:

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