Free u-he Zebrallette 3 Software Synth Now Available

u-he has announced that Zebralette 3 – a free single-oscillator software synth based on their upcoming Zebra 3 – is now available as a public beta release for Linux, Mac + Windows.

Like its predecessor, Zebralette 3 is a single oscillator plucked from the mothership and embedded within a minimal environment: The multi-stage envelope generator, LFOs, modulation matrix, delay and reverb effects are just enough to turn the oscillator into a powerful little synthesizer in its own right.

They say that the Z3 oscillator is in a league of its own, with spline-based editing, a dynamic toolbox borrowed from vector graphic apps, various morphing options and waveform mangling algorithms, and an audio engine capable of either wavetable or additive synthesis.

Zebralette 3 is also a wavetable editing tool: You can export the pure wavetable in .WAV format, which can then be loaded into your wavetable synthesizer of choice.

Zebralette 3 is available now as a free download for the following platforms:


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