Free Kick Drum Synthesizer by


Are you looking for a quick, easy and free way to generate a new kick drum sound?

Get your kicks for free with this effortless online bass drum generator. Heads on to website, the answer could be awaiting you over at

The Kick Drum Generator does exactly what its name suggests. Tweak the tuning, pitch decay, release, distortion, bitcrushing gain and compression parameters and you will hear previews of your sound as you go.

A built-in limiter should prevent any clipping, but if things start to get out of control simply click the reset button to return to the default settings. You can also reset parameters individually by double-clicking them.

Once you are satisfied and happy with your sound, clicking the download button immediately generates and saves a WAV file that you can take into your DAW, sampler or any other application or piece of hardware in your studio.

This is just one of many musical tools available on the website. Others include music theory charts and guide, a simple sequencer, a beat maker, a mini music machine and a chord player.

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