Erica Synths Black Ring-Xfade For Eurorack Modular Synthesizers


Erica Synths has announced the Black Ring-Xfade module for Eurorack.


The Black Ring-Xfade features two ring modulators/waveshapers and a crossfader that works both for audio and CV and a VCA.


It is an extremely versatile module for sound shaping. Unlike a conventional ring modulator that only works with a signal present on both signal and carrier inputs, the Black Ring-Xfade passes through the signal without alteration if no carrier is present.




  • Dual ringmodulaotr/waveshaper
  • Carrier level adjustment
  • Voltage controlled crossfader
  • Manual and CV control over crossfade
  • Selectable AC (audio) or DC (control voltage) coupling
  • VCA with selectable bias


The Erica Synths Black Ring-Xfade is available now for €150 and $189.




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