Copperhead, New iOS Synth, Inspired by Vintage Synthesizers of The ’80s.


Developer 4Pockets has introduced Copperhead, an AUv3 digital subtractive synthesizer plugin that’s inspired by the vintage synthesizers of the early ’80s.

But Copperhead offers features that were rare or unavailable in the early ’80s, like 16-voice polyphony, a built-in arpeggiator and a host of integrated effects.

Copperhead’s synth engine features custom waveforms, oscillator sync and various cross modulation modes.

At the heart of Copperhead are its two oscillators, which support basic waveforms (including sine, square, saw & triangle), as well as SuperSaw, Trapezium, and a user definable type. The Voltage Controller Filter section features LP, HP, BP and Notch filters, as well as some less common ones, like Formant, which can be used to create vocal-like sounds.

Additionally, Copperhead features twin LFO’s, with random and one shot functionality. It also supports Cross, Ring and FM modulators, in addition to low and high shelf filters.

Copperhead is ‘designed for iPad’, but also compatible with iPhone and MacOS.




  • AUv3 compatible.
  • Up to 16 note polyphony.
  • 7 Oscillator wave types.
  • Sub Oscillator.
  • PW/PWM on SQR and TRP waveforms.
  • Supports SuperSaw with MIX and DETUNE.
  • XMod / Ring and FM modulations.
  • Osc Sync.
  • 6 types of VCF filter.
  • Low and High shelf on output.
  • Built in compressor.
  • Chorus, Delay, Overdrive, Reverb and Auto Pan effects.
  • Built in Audio Gate.
  • Preset Manager with Bank/Group/Preset section.
  • Supports drag and drop to import/export presets, groups and banks.
  • Supports web transfer of presets.
  • 32 step arpeggiator.


Copperhead is available now for $11.99.


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