Cherry Audio teases Memorymoog VST synth plugin Emulation


Cherry Audio shared this sneak preview of their next synth. Based on the video above, it seems that Cherry Audio is going to launch a plugin version of the Moog Memorymoog synth.


The three-oscillator Memorymoog offers six voices of polyphony, and is sometimes referred to as ‘six Minimoogs in one’ Each voice has its own 24dB voltage-controlled filter.


Cherry Audio now appears to be taking on what was one of the most powerful analogue polysynths of the early ‘80s, because over the past few months, the company has launched a series of vintage synth emulations like, the ARP 2600, Juno-106, Oberheim Eight Voice, Moog Polymoog and Korg MS-20 have all been given the software treatment.


This new virtual Memorymoog could be affordable, as all of Cherry Audio’s recent emulations cost less than $50, with introductory offers making them even cheaper.


Details are to be announced, but they say it will be available July 15, 2021.


Check Cheery Audio website often for more.



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