Audulus LLC releases Audulus 4, A Major Update to the Modular Audio Processing App for iOS and MacOS


Developer Taylor Holliday let us know that, after over four years of development, Audulus LLC has released Audulus 4, a massive update to the modular synthesis app for iOS and MacOS.

Audulus 4 offers many new features, is free to try out and now lets you share patches that anyone can play.

“Audulus 4 represents a massive step forward for Audulus, which required a tremendous re-working of the code,” says Taylor Holliday. “The user interface is now more pro, while still being immediate and approachable.”

Audulus 4 now lets users build patches using Eurorack-style modules, and features a rebuilt module library to showcase the new features. And you can build your own modules, using the platforms large library of pre-built ‘nodes’.

“Audulus is unique in seamlessly combining Eurorack-style patching with lower level signal graphs.” said Audulus sound designer Jerry Smith. “You can build advanced modules in Audulus, without needing to know programming languages such as C++.”

New in Audulus 4:


  • Full multitouch on iPadOS: Turn on performance mode and interact with multiple controls at once. Create multitouch performance surfaces.
  • Custom UI for math expressions.
  • Knob colors and icons.
  • New UI nodes like sliders and X-Y pads.
  • Modules can now be recursively exposed. Build front-panels out of other front panels.
  • Improved search experience in the module browser.
  • MIDI output via a MIDI Send node.
  • Pinch to zoom while dragging a connection or moving a module.
  • AUv3 versions on both iPadOS and macOS.
  • Canvas Node: Build custom user interfaces using the Lua programming language.
  • GLSL Shader node: Make advanced shadertoy-style graphics.


The video above offers a preview of Audulus 4 on iOS. Here’s a preview of it running on MacOS:

The application is cross-platform and supports iCloud sync between devices. So you can start a patch on your Mac, edit on-the-go with your iPad or iPhone, and then use your patch across all your devices.

Audulus 4 is available now as a free download on the Mac and iPad App Stores. Patch editing is enabled via an in-app purchase upgrade for $19.99




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