AudioKit Pro Releases App ‘Inspired By The Classic Sounds Of Nord Lead A1’, NERD Synth A2X

Nerd Synth Red A2X Not imitation, it’s Innovation!

With its interesting virtual analogue engine and simple interface, the Nord Lead A1 remains a great hardware synth. In fact, you could probably call it a modern classic – it was released way back in 2014 – which goes some way to explaining why AudioKit has taken inspiration from it for its new Nerd Synth A2X.

It is important to note that this isn’t a straight emulation of the A1 – “we prefer innovation over imitation,” says AudioKit – but, unlike many of the company’s previous releases, it’s a synth rather than a rompler. What’s more, all 40+ A1 waveforms are included, as are a noise generator, filters, envelopes and modulation sources.

You will also find effects – reverb, delay, and distortion, ring modulator, and ‘super FM drop’ – and everything is controlled from the knob-per-function interface that’s designed to mirror the A1’s level of accessibility.

While the waveforms in the Nerd Synth do come from the Lead A1, the presets are completely original, though if you’re looking for that classic Nord super saw sound, a four-voice unison mode means you won’t be left disappointed.

The Nerd Synth runs on iPhone and iPad and is a snip at just $4.99/£5 via the Apple App Store (this price currently includes several sound expansions). You can run it standalone or as an AUv3 plugin.

Find out more on the AudioKit Pro website.


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