Audialab Emergent Drums Use Artificial Intelligence to generates Original Drum Sounds


Audialab has introduced Emergent Drums, a plugin that uses artificial intelligence to generate endless royalty-free drum samples.

They say that their AI is trained on drums from throughout history, so it generates new drum sounds with the characteristics of recorded drum sounds, but each drum sample generated is original.


What they say about Emergent Drums:

“Our AI model is trained on a large database of drum/percussion samples and can now generate a practically infinite number of unique drum samples from scratch. From the Emergent Drums interface, select the type of drum sample you want to generate (eg, snare or kick) and the AI will create a completely new, random sample of that type.

If you find a sample that’s almost right, you can generate similar samples using the power of our generative deep learning AI models. You can then sculpt the sample further with envelopes, pitching, panning, and clipping to make something perfectly suited to your sample design needs.

Emergent Drums can generate kicks, snares, claps, closed hi-hats, open hi-hats, cymbals, other percussion – even noise and glitches.”

Audialab website does not provide a lot of detail on the technology or the capabilities of Emergent Drums, but they have shared this brief demo with Laze the Producer:

Emergent Drums is available for $149.99 but, their website does not offer a demo version or even much in the way of audio demos or documentation to help you understand the plugin’s range of capabilities. Based on their FAQ, they are working on it:

“There is not currently a trial version of Emergent Drums which we know is stupid, but we’re working on it. The closest thing we have to a trial is our 30-day money-back guarantee, which again, we know is stupid, but we’re working on it.”

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