Arturia V Collection X Now Available, Here’s What’s New

Arturia’s V Collection X gets a Yamaha CP-70 electric piano emulation, along with 5 other new instruments, classic plugin rebuilds and three expansion packs

Arturia has announced the availability of V Collection X, the latest update to their suite of software instruments, with six new instruments, expansion packs and Acid appeal.

The challenges Arturia faces with V Collection now is that there are only a finite number of decent keyboards and synths worth emulating, and almost everything has already been covered. In version 9, then, Arturia added a new ‘Augmented’ range of instruments, as well as a smattering of older emulations.

The latest V Collection X continues this trend with three new Augmented titles – Woodwinds, Brass and Grand Piano – and some more old stuff, while simultaneously refreshing some of the bundle’s classic plugins.

The new two classic instrument emulations are CP-70 V, Arturia’s take on the Yamaha CP-70 electric piano, and Acid, an emulation of a classic bass synth which clearly has TB-303 aspirations. This made its debut earlier this year.

CP-70 V uses both samples and modelling to create the “intimate stage sound” of the original piano, while Acid V has more features than the original machine to create “ever-evolving lysergic grooves and mutated sequences.”

‘Lysergic’ is a kind of acid, if you want to know.

A third instrument emulation is more up-to-date, the multi-engined approach of the excellent MiniFreak, which we described as “a versatile-sounding hybrid synth that’s a joy to get hands-on with”.

 Arturia has also refreshed some of V Collection classics in the ‘X’ update. Both Mini V and Wurli V have been “completely rebuilt from the ground-up”, so now come with new sound engines, and some unspecified extra features.

The Augmented instruments were a neat addition to v9 and the Brass, Woodwind and Grand Piano extras that arrive in X are not totally unexpected – the Augmented range was always an obvious one for V Collection to expand on.

Each of the titles in the range focuses on one instrument, but hands-on controls enable you to massively expand on that sound, resulting in surprisingly diverse presets, and the capability to create more. The new Grand Piano, for example, has loads of hands-on effects to help take its sound way beyond the norm.

Finally, Arturia has added three expansion packs to V Collection X: Evocative Ambient Spaces, Innovative Underground Sounds and Modern Soul Essences.

What’s new in Arturia V Collection X:

  • CP-70 V – Electro-acoustic piano fusing detailed sampling with authentic modeling for an intimate stage sound.
  • MiniFreak V – Hybrid synth combining digital voices, modeled analog filters, deep modulation and expressive features.
  • Acid V – “Cult-classic bass synth” with extra features for reactive, ever-evolving lysergic grooves and mutated sequences.
  • Augmented WOODWINDS – Atmospheric, organic and augmented woodwind array, captured in detail and combined with state-of-the-art synthesis.
  • Augmented BRASS – Unique and powerful brass sounds for modern production uniting accurate reproduction with bold synth engines.
  • Augmented GRAND PIANO – Expressive, contemporary and abstract piano sounds, beautifully recorded and fused with cutting-edge synthesis.
  • Mini V and Wurli V Rebuilt – Mini V and Wurli V have been completely rebuilt from the ground-up, with brand new sound engines, updated features, and enhanced production capabilities.
  • 3 Expansion Packs – An exclusively-crafted selection of presets demonstrating the sonic prowess V Collection X’s new titles – from evocative ambient spaces to innovative underground sounds and modern soul essences.

V Collection X Playthrough Demos:

V Collection X is available now for $599. Intro pricing is available for registered users through Jan 7th, 2024.

You can get more information on V Collection from the Arturia website.


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