Sugar Bytes NEST DIY MIDI Sequencer can make music “with a life of its own”


Sugar Bytes NEST, the company’s new ‘DIY sequencer’, have the potential to help you to make music “with a life of its own”. Nest is a modular sequencer.


To make explanation simple,  Nest is a modular system that can be used to create MIDI, and there are 20 modules that you can patch together – said to be inspired by “classic integrated circuits and today’s computer features” – means it is inevitable that things are going to get pretty deep, pretty fast.


NEST enables you to generate up to eight MIDI voices and assign them to four targets. There are internal synths and drums, and you can host up to four VST 2 plugins. Up to 12 scenes can be saved and recalled via MIDI, and you can send to 16 MIDI channels. There’s support for MIDI CCs and automation, and you get five stereo audio outs and a “flexible scale system”.


By patching together the modules, you can create intelligent musical contraptions that will spin your music off in different directions. Nest is not restricted to software either,  you can also use it to drive your hardware.


Key Features


  • Build your own sequencer!
  • More than 20 different modules
  • Generate 8 MIDI voices and assign to 4 targets
  • Host up to 4 VST2 plug-ins
  • Use internal synths and drums
  • Recall 12 scenes via MIDI
  • Send to 16 MDI channels
  • Plus MIDI CCs and automation
  • Multi audio outs (5 stereo)
  • Flexible scale system


Sugar Bytes NEST might take some time to master, but if you are up for the challenge, you can find more information and tutorial videos on the Sugar Bytes website.


Nest runs on PC and Mac, both standalone and in VST/AU/AAX formats. NEST is available and costs $99, and there is also a demo.




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