K-DEVICES releases DRIV – Sequence Travelers

K-Devices, developer of creative music tools, has released DRIV, a new Max For Live MIDI device. DRIV is a complex sequencer designed to expand a single monophonic pattern up to four melodic lines that can intercept one other across a vast number of combinations.

Starting from a monophonic single pattern, DRIV can generate counterpoint sequences spanning across a wide range of sonic realms. Voices’ playhead can easily be offset and constrained to only include snippets of the main idea, their content can be transposed, fine tuned and even randomized, their progression twisted using phase distortion tools.

All of these tools can lead users to experiment beyond grid and traditional time signatures, and DRIV can also tidy up everything in the sequence (for instance by resetting the playheads phases all together via hard sync, or by thinning out excessive notes via voices’ individual chance percentage).

DRIV’s routing capabilities are also a handy feature when it comes to spread the same idea across different instruments (and even hardware gears) and twist it accordingly.

DRIV requires Ableton Live version 11 or 12, and runs via MacOS or Windows.

Regularly priced at €49, DRIV is available now at the introductory price of €29 until July 21 via the K-Devices website.

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