Get Free Music Sequencer for Windows



Developer Andreas Remshagen shared this video demo of his free music sequencer for Windows PCs.


It is designed to be an alternative to hardware sequencers for controlling analog gear.


Here’s what Andreas Remshagen says about it:


“This is the Sequencer-Software I made with Flowstone (a graphical programming system) for my Live-Performances. It should run on every Windows-PC and is written to control Midi to CV-Devices like the Polyend Poly. It can Handle two different Devices with 8 Midi-Channels. Maybe you can use it for your own Performances.


It is completely free, so I don’t give a guarantee for everything.


If you have the Flowstone-Software you can edit the source-code-file called FL-Sourcecode in the Zip and change the Sequencer as you like!


This Sequencer works extremely stable in performance and Timing.


I normally work with analog sequencers but a Sequencer with the complete Functions like this Software-Sequencer would take up more space in my room than I have.”


Music Sequencer is available as a free download (.zip file).










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