Bitwig Studio 4.3 Now Available with new convolution and delay effects and support for the CLAP plugin standard


Bitwig Studio 4.3 has arrived, a free update that adds a convolution device for real and imagined spaces, new delay effects plus support for the freshly-minted CLAP plugin standard.


New in Bitwig Studio 4.3:


Convolution, a convolution processor comes with 270 impulse responses that are designed to recreate a wide variety of spaces – from 12th-century cathedrals to studio effects and more abstract “environments”.


And there’s more to Convolution than reverb: you can adjust the colour and tone, or draw your own envelope to reshape the impulse itself. Addtionally, you can drop any audio in and use that as an impulse.


Next, Delay+ is described as a ‘boutique’ audio effect that combines familiar controls and a few new ones. Delay+ can either add a little character or fully transform your sound as it ping-pongs along. Set the delay in seconds or beats, then nudge each channel a few milliseconds for instant stereo. There are ‘Blur’ options that range from light, animated feedback to full-on reverb, and a Ducking control that will quieten your “delay cloud” when strong signals are present.



Two modules are new for Bitwig Polymer modular synth and The Grid, its sonic playground. Union is an oscillator that plays it straight, blending three waveshapes into one pleasant, drifting output. And for filtering, Low-pass MG honors Mister Moog by imitating both his classic filter and mix buss. Additionally, there’s Perfect Drift, a new package of more than 100 presets and note clips designed to show off what these new modules can do.


There are updates to other modules, as well, along with a few refinements designed to improve the overall Bitwig experience.


Lastly, we have support for CLAP, the new next-gen plugin format that Bitwig recently launched alongside u-he. This ‘CLever Audio Plugin API’ is described as a new open standard for audio plugins and hosts, and promises modern features, innate stability and rapid support for developers. And, because it is open-source, there are no barriers to entry for developers.


Bitwig Studio 4.3 available now for anyone with an active Bitwig Studio licence and active upgrade plan. New users, meanwhile, can currently take advantage of Bitwig’s summer sale, which sees the full version of its DAW reduced to $299/€299 (a saving of $/€100) and Bitwig 16-Track down to $79/€79 (a saving of $/€20).


Find out more on the Bitwig website.



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