Vocal Tune Studio for iOS brings Vocal Editing to your iPad, iPhone

eXtream Software Development, a company that makes audio apps for Android and iOS, has introduced Vocal Tune Studio for iOS, a vocal pitch and time editor.

With Vocal Tune Studio, pitch and time correction of vocal recordings is now possible on your iPhone or iPad. You can use it as an Audio Unit effect inside your favorite DAW or in standalone mode.

The app enables you adjust pitch tuning to do subtle correction or create popular auto-tune effects. In addition to pitch correction, notes can be corrected for timing and volume level as well.

Each individual note can be adjusted for retune time, retune amount, volume and the amount of formant correction. Artificial vibrato can be added and adjusted to taste using the vibrato depth and rate controls. Additionally, you can adjust the time when the vibrato kicks in and the time in which it reaches the full vibrato depth, to create a natural sounding vibrato.

Vocal Tune Studio can detect the key and scale of a vocal recording automatically or a key and scale can be manually chosen.

Vocal Tune Studio for iOS Tutorial:

Vocal Tune Studio for iOS is available now, with an intro price of $19.99

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