United Plugins Randomachine brings Chaos + Destruction to your Samples

United Plugins has introduced Randomachine , a new effects plugin that they say is “designed to relieve monotony wherever the need to quickly make many variants of one sample in next to no time arises”.

Randomachine randomly changes multiple parameters in each of its six effects, so that every hit differs from the next or last to avoid monotony.

Best of all – it’s available as a free download for a limited time.

The six effects include:

  • DISTORT — randomly changes the distortion or saturation of the audio being processed;
  • PAN (panorama) — randomly changes the panorama (left/right position) of the audio being processed;
  • AMBIENCE — randomly changes the ambience (reverb time and space) of the audio being processed;
  • TIME — randomly changes the timing of the audio being processed;
  • PITCH — randomly changes the pitch of the audio being processed; and
  • FORMANT — randomly changes the formants of the audio being processed (albeit with a caveat of the spectral analysis involved adding latency to the plug-in).

Randomachine can be triggered by three different trigger sources:

  • TRANSIENT, which, as implied by name, triggers by transients, thereby igniting Randomachine’s engines with each incoming signal, so sonic hits instantly change the settings of the selected effects;
  • SYNC, synchronises to the project tempo within the host DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), changing the settings of the effects regularly upon whatever interval is set (such as every beat as well as every hi-hat hit, for instance); and
  • MIDI, meaning any MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) note coming from the dedicated source, be that track or controller, can reset Randomachine at any time.


  • Avoids monotony wherever the need to quickly make variants of one sample arises
  • Three different — TRANSIENT, SYNC, and MIDI — TRIGGER sources availability
  • Randomly changes multiple parameters in six — DISTORT, PAN (panorama), AMBIENCE, TIME, PITCH, and FORMANT — effects
  • Every hit differs from the next or the last

SounDevice Digital’s Randomachine is available for free from April 15 until April 21, 2024, followed by a time-limited introductory promo price of only €9.00 until May 21, 2024 — rising thereafter to its regular price of €49.00 — as an AAX-, AU-, VST-, and VST3-compatible plug-in.



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