Sonible pure:limit Plugin takes AI to the limit.


Sonible takes AI to the limit with its quick and easy dynamics processing plugin. The AI-powered limiter plug-in is for creators.  ‘Smart’ and affordable limiting that promises one-click results.


AI-powered plugins aren’t going away, and we’d expect to see more of them in 2023. Before we get there, though, we have sonible’s pure:limit, a smart limiter that promises to tame peaks, balance dynamics and find the right levels at the touch of a single button.


pure:limit is designed for people who want fast results and don’t want to worry about tweaking multiple parameters. In fact, we’re told that it offers “automatic parametrization”, along with genre-based profiles and a visual interface that shows you what’s happening to your signal.

You do have some control over the sound, though. The style selector enables you to determine how forcefully the limiting is applied, and the inflate parameter increases vibrancy.


It runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats.


pure:limit is available now for the intro price of €35 (regular price €49). Find out more and download a demo on the Sonible website.


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