Rob Papen introduces LowSane Lo-Fi Effect

Rob Papen has introduced LowSane, a lo-fi effects processor for Mac + Windows.

LowSane offers a Distortion module, Band Pass / Notch Filter, Lo-Fi section, Hi and low Pass Filters, and a Noise Gate.

These parameters can be controlled by the ‘Disrupt Sphere’. Additionally, there is an Audio Follower which can control the “Disrupt Sphere” or any of the other parameters.

Last but not least there is a 2-slot modulation matrix which you can use to connect parameters, and use MIDI to control parameters and the ‘Disrupt Sphere’.


  • LoFi FX with additional distortion, Band Pass / Notch Filter, Hi-Pass Filter, Low-Pass Filter, and Noise Gate
  • Disrupt Sphere control for creating FX changes
  • Audio Input Follower, for controlling LowSane’s parameters
  • GUI sizes available are 100%, 125%, 150%, and 200%


LowSane is available now for $25/€25.

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