Rhodes Releases V-RACK Multi-Effects Plug-In

Rhodes has introduced V-RACK, a collection of seven effects that they say captures “the sonic essence of the analogue effects section found in Rhodes’ acclaimed MK8 piano, making them readily available for users working in a DAW-based studio or live environment.”

V-RACK includes three types of Drive, parametric EQ, compression, advanced stereo panning, delay and extended modulation effects.


  • 3 Drive modes including MK8, Saturation and Overdrive
  • Resonant 3-band Parametric EQ/Multimode Filter with resonant LP/HP/BP/ Peak modes
  • Vari-Pan circuit with Rate/Depth, 4 preset waveshapes, audio-rate modulation + continuously variable wave shaping with BPM sync
  • VCA Compressor with Amount and Makeup Gain
  • VCA 4-stage Phaser with Rate/Depth and BPM Sync
  • Bucket Brigade Chorus with Rate/Depth and BPM Sync
  • Bucket Brigade Delay with Time/Feedback/Mix, clipping, EQ, jitter Tap Tempo and BPM sync


V-Rack is available now with intro pricing of £41.63 / €49.95 / $59.95.


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