No-Fi Tape Loop Music Studio for MacOS + Windows

Developer Giorgio Sancristoforo has introduced No-Fi, a virtual tape loop studio for macOS and Windows.

No-Fi is a standalone “tape loop music studio”, featuring one mixer and five cassette recorders, plus a reverb and delay.

No-Fi simulates the sound of cassette loops, with tape saturation, noises and playback irregularities that characterize the sound of true lo-fi loops. You can choose between Ferric, Chrome and Ferrochrome tapes, add background hiss, tape age and saturation. You can also control azimuth errors, wow, flutter, tape catch and speed.

The input channels can be used with synthesizers, guitars, bass, microphones, electroacoustic instruments etc, and you can load VST/AU plugins, such as a guitar amp. You can even load a virtual VST instrument and play it with your MIDI keyboard.

The cassette tape loops can record up to 1 hour of sound each, or you can import loops from your computer.

No-Fi is available now for MacOS for €19.50. A Windows version is also expected to be available soon.


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