Minimal Audio Swarm Dual-Stage Reverb

Minimal Audio is a developer known for its unique and creative effects plugins (Rift distortion) and also the Current soft synth and content platform, released late last year.

Minimal Audio’s latest plugin release is Swarm Reverb, a “fun and flexible” reverb plugin capable of producing everything from “expansive ambience” to “pumping spaces and lush creative effects”.

Swarm Reverb is a dual-stage reverb with separate algorithms and controls for both early and late reflections, meaning it can confidently handle the whole spectrum of reverbs from realistic spaces to stratospheric ambient decays.

Both the early and late reflections tabs are equipped with controls for attack, decay, reverb size and damping, in addition to width and diffusion. You’re able to blend between both types of reverb with a balance control.

Swarm is equipped with input filters (high and low-pass) and a diffusion filter for sculpting the frequencies of your reverb tail, alongside controls for tempo-synced predelay and a handy wet/dry mix slider at the bottom of the window to dial in the desired amount of reverb to your signal.

There is also a built-in ducker for that’ll carve out space in the reverb tail using the dry signal, along with a modulation section that adjusts time values across both reverb algorithms, with controls for depth and modulation rate. Swarm also has a soft clipper at the output stage for introducing limiting and saturation to the final product.

Swarm Reverb is available now for Windows and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats and is priced at $49. Find out more on Minimal Audio website.

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