KSHMR Reverb promises Next-Level FX and Intuitive Controls


Dharma Worldwide has introduced KSHMR Reverb, a new effect for Mac and Windows that they say features with next-level FX and intuitive controls.


KSHMR Reverb includes built-in sidechain ducking, Soft Transient to eliminate harsh attacks from the reverb signal, Tonal Reset to restart the reverb on new transients and more.



  • Creative reverb controls with special FX
  • Auto-ducking & auto-gating for taming reverb tails
  • Inspiring tonal, reverse & octave settings
  • Standard parameters for everyday use
  • Hall, Plate and Spring reverb algorithms?
  • Resizable interface
  • Responsive & CPU friendly
  • Categorized factory presets
  • Full manual & tutorial video

KSHMR Reverb is available now with an intro price of $19.99 (normal price will be $49.99).



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