Get A Free, GPU-Powered Convolution Reverb + 50 Impulse Responses

GPU Audio has released a free collection of impulse responses, along with a free, GPU-powered convolution reverb for Mac and Windows, Fireverb.

Impulse Responses essentially ‘sample’ the acoustic qualities of an environment, so they can be used to realistically reproduce the way a particular space effects sounds.

The pack contains 50 IRs from a huge range of sources. The IR pack is available to use royalty-free. The free pack includes the sounds of large spaces such as Churches, Halls, and Rooms, as well as more off-the-wall sounds, like the sounds of someone’s pharynx, a rotary telephone speaker, underwater bubbles, ribbon microphones, digital modular effects and more.

The free IR pack is available now, and can be used in a multitude of DAWs which have convolution plugins – but GPU Audio encourages you to try their GPU-powered FiReverb, which is available as a free download.

FiReverb and the 50 Impulse Response pack are available as free downloads at the GPU Audio website.


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