Cherry Audio Galactic Reverb, “extraterrestrial ambience”


Cherry Audio has released Galactic Reverb, an algorithmic processor that is designed to capture the sound of classic digital hardware reverbs.


This new plugin effect line-up with a decay time of up to a whopping 35 seconds, you should be able to create some pretty enormous spaces. In fact, the way Cherry Audio tells it, you can use it to “transport guitars, drums, keys, and even vocals into an extraterrestrial ambience”.


Galactic seems to look and sounds familiar, because it began life in Cherry Audio Dreamsynth instrument, but it includes few new features – modulation, predelay, an EQ and a ducking function that can be used to automatically reduce reverb levels, making it on its way to becoming a plugin in its own right.


Offering more than 50 presets, and suitable for use as an insert or bus effect, Galactic runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats.




  • Modeled classic reverb.
  • Modulation from 0.10 Hz to 5.00 Kz.
  • Damping control for reverb.
  • Pre-Delay from 0.00 ms to 500 ms.
  • Decay from 0.00 ms to 35000 ms.
  • Ducking with attenuation and recovery time controls.
  • Equalizer with low and high frequency controls.
  • Use as an insert or bus effect.
  • Compatible with mono or stereo input sources.
  • Preset browser with over 50 Presets for Drums, Ducking, Guitars, Keys, and Vocals, favoriting, and user presets.
  • Full MIDI control and DAW automation for all controls.
  • Preset and Global level MIDI mapping.
  • User-selectable themes.


Galactic is currently available for the intro price of $19, rising to $29 in due course.


Find out more and download a demo on the Cherry Audio website.



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