Autochroma Granular Synth Plugin is like ‘having a day off’

Granular synthesis is great. Anything that involves smashing something up and then making something new out of it is fantastic, like Lego as something that brings out the inner child of joy from within us.

Imagiro has introduced Autochroma granular synth plugin but aims to change that…

Imagiro knows that granular synths can be overwhelming but claims Autochroma is like ‘having a day off’, and the plugin does appear to be an inviting and quite inspiring plugin.

You essentially get a buffer of sound coming into the plugin, shown over the top half of the UI, and three different ways to apply your granular processing. You can use a Locked Mode where the processing follows the play head, a Velocity mode where the processing applies to the length of the audio at defined speeds, and finally a Position Mode where it just processes certain parts of the audio.

All easy so far, but there are more detailed controls should you need them. You can change the grain offset and rate to change the level of granulising, and a set of ‘Lifetime’ parameters defines how the effect takes place over time.

And really, this is as deep as you need to go, because the best bit is how it sounds. A demo:

The Autochroma is easy to use and capable of a wide range of effects.

The plugin cost just $40. Find out more info from the Imagiro website.

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