AudioThing releases Things Bubbles, Sparkling Filterbank Plugin


Add some ‘plip, plop, pop’ to your sound with AudioThing’s Bubbles filterbank plugin. The creative and experimental effect gives you 10 band-pass filters and adjustable delays.

AudioThing has unveiled a “sparkling” little plugin known as Things Bubbles, a filterbank with a difference.

Bubbles enables you to use up to 10 band-pass filters, which are represented by a row of dots towards the top of the GUI. You can set the number of filters being used with a single knob, and adjust the global cutoff and resonance.

Each band also has its own delay with feedback, the result of which is a plugin that should give you plenty of experimental options. AudioThing suggests that you “spread the cutoff, resonance, delay time, and delay feedback across each band to get very creative effects, from odd sounding echoes/reverbs to impossible sequences.”

As per the ‘plink-plonk’ nature of the sounds in the video demo above, the onomatopoeic name of the plugin seems entirely appropriate. The control set looks rather simple, as well, though you can randomise the settings if you do not want to do the tweaking yourself.

Things Bubbles is currently on sale for just €9 (regular price €19), but it’s also being given away for free with every purchase made during AudioThing’s Black Friday sale, which is happening from now until 4 December. It runs on PC, Mac and Linux in VST/AU/AAX/CLAP formats, and there’s a demo version for you to try before you buy.

Find out more on the AudioThing website.

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