Arturia unleashes Dist COLDFIRE, a new dual-engine plugin distortion effect

Arturia Dist COLDFIRE is a new dual-engine plugin distortion powerhouse


Arturia, the famous synth-maker amps up its effects offering with an all-new sonic mangler


Arturia Dist COLDFIRE is a dual-engine distortion effect that joins Arturia’s burgeoning effects rack and promises a whole new way for users to process and destroy their sound.


Dist COLDFIRE Is a virtual effect of two halves with two distinct A and B engines that can work together or in fractious disharmony with each other, each delivering a different take on classic distortion or whole new digital crushes that combine to deliver a sound that’s as retro or as futuristic as you want it to be.


Arturia describes the combination as a ‘dual distortion reactor’ with the two halves able to run in serial, parallel, stereo, mid-side and band split modes.


From simple, warm saturation effects through to custom dual-engine digital crunch COLDFIRE combines both analogue and digital algorithms across 11 different distortion types. On board features everything from tube heat to icy digital crush, across 150 built-in presets.


The analogue section includes Tape, Tube, Transistor, Transformer, Germanium and saturation and overdrive specialist Force effects, while digital algorithm includes Rectifier, Bit Crusher, Bit Inverter, Wavefolder and Waveshaper.


And the controls can be pushed to the maximum to introduce feedback loops and artificial harmonic reflections. Create a distortion effect that evolves with the tempo and tuning of your track with six modulation slots, envelope following and even an on-board 16 step sequencer to give you plenty of rhythmic control on everything the effect is doing.


Arturia promises a plug-in that’ll deliver exciting dual distortion with a few simple settings but can form the core of complex all-new sound design if you really want to get down and dirty with what’s on offer inside.

Arturia suggests that it’s the perfect plum for vocal enhancement, kick drum impact, speaker rattling bass and ‘denser than black hole wavefolding’…

Dist COLDFIRE is available separately with discounts up to 50% off right now or buy as part of a new FX Collection 3 + Dist COLDFIRE pack available at a discounted price of €299 for everything, until Thursday, September 15th.(including a €99 buy it now and a FREE downloadable demo version). Find out more on the Arturia website


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