Antares introduces AI-Powered Vocal Reverb

Antares Audio Technologies has introduced Vocal Reverb, a new audio plugin, for Mac + Windows, that uses artificial intelligence to “speed up the process of creating a great sounding reverb.”The plugin’s Auto-EQ technology uses Auto-Tune pitch tracking to clean up the reverb tail, tracking the singer’s pitch and dynamically reducing the fundamental frequency range in the reverb tail. Antares says that this results in a reverb that musically blends with the vocal.Vocal Reverb offers three reverb styles and two Delay types. When the advanced panel is expanded, five Pre-Verb Effects and five Post-Verb Effects are displayed to use for more creative results.


  • AI Assist for quick reverb settings.
  • Auto-EQ powered by Auto-Tune Pitch Tracking Technology.
  • 3 reverb algorithms: Hall, Plate, Room.
  • 2 delay types: Mono, Stereo Ping Pong.
  • 5 Pre-verb effects: Pitch, Throat, Tube, De-Esser, Reverse.
  • 5 post-verb effects: Auto-EQ, Tone Shaper, Compressor, Gate, Width.
  • Apple Silicon Native M1/Pro/Max/Ultra compatibility.

Vocal Reverb is available now for $129.


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