Song Athletics Releases First Plugin, OSS

Song Athletics releases its first plugin OSS, a sampler ‘designed to help you find the joy in your one shot collection’.

Simplicity is key in OSS, the debut plugin from ex-Spitfire Audio head Will Evans’ recently launched Song Athletics brand

Song Athletics, a new brand from former Spitfire Audio CEO Will Evans, has released its first plugin. One Shot Sampler, or OSS, is a plugin aimed at helping you access and trigger your one-shot samples with ease.

Load your one-shots into OSS and you’re able to scroll through them “like presets on a synth” as you audition various sounds from your collection. You’re able to shape the sample using an ADSR envelope and adjust the start time and gain via OSS’s simple interface. The UI can be customized with your own backgrounds, too, which is a nice touch.

“We believe that there’s so much to be had from a single one shot sample,” says Song Athletics. “Typically we think of drum kit one shots, and they’re great of course, but one shots taken from more melodic instruments or tonal environments are capable of so much more than they’re given credit for.”

“Take a slow, undulating sample of an old keyboard running through delays and reverbs, and with just one note, primitively but beautifully stretched across the keyboard, you’ve got a lush, evolving pad instrument whose limitations create something quite distinctive. Feed OSS your own one shots and we guarantee you’ll be inspired, fast.”

Since launching late last year, Song Athletics has released several sample packs, including Some Drums and Sloppy Drums, a Dilla-inspired collection of drum loops.

Engineered by John Howes, One Shot Sampler is available now in VST3/AU formats for macOS and Windows. The plugin is priced at £40.

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