Elektron Digitakt II Review + Comparison to Original

Host Ziv Eliraz – in his latest loopop video, offers an in-depth review of the new Elektron Digitakt II sampling drum machine and sequencer.


The Digitakt II is a major update to the original design, offering more sample memory, more internal storage, 16 tracks, support for stereo samples, longer sequences, new FLTR machine options, 3 LFOs per track, new effects, and more.


“The Digitakt II improves on the original in almost every way possible,” says Eliraz.


Watch the video and share your thoughts on the new Digitakt II in the comments!

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro

1:10 New pages

1:45 KB button

2:10 Preset/Kit

2:40 128 steps

3:00 Overbridge?

3:40 16 audio tracks

4:40 Stereo

4:50 Storage

5:40 Sample pool x8

6:40 Kits

7:00 Perform kit

8:25 Stretch machine

9:55 Filter machines

11:40 Comb filter

12:30 Euclidean seq

14:10 Trig modes

16:20 Page loops

17:10 Prepare mutes

17:55 New FX

19:00 Bypass compress

19:55 Control almost all

21:00 Glide/glissando

21:25 Expression mods

22:10 MIDI learn

23:10 Name CCs

22:45 New LFOs, env

24:00 Trig conditions

25:00 Chains & misc

25:35 Pros and cons

29:00 Factory patterns




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