Google Launches ‘Music, Makers and Machines’



Google has launched Music, Makers and Machines, a lavish, interactive electronic music exhibition that celebrates the genre’s rich and varied history. The free online electronic music exhibition featuring playable AR vintage synths, and is being hosted on Google Arts & Culture platform. It covers electronic music inventors, artists, sounds and technology and it is been created with the help of more than 50 international institutions, including The Bob Moog Foundation’s Moogseum.


Among all, one of the highlights is the AR synth. An experiment that enables you to make music with five classic pieces of music technology hardware in either augmented reality or 3D, like ARP Odyssey, Moog Memorymoog, Akai S900, Roland CR-78 and Fairlight CMI. And all of these devices can be dragged into a virtual space and come with their own step sequencers including basic sound tweaking controls, as well.


The site also includes 3D, spinnable images of 22 classic synths, 360-degree tours, countless photos and videos and profiles of some of the key figures, tracks, places and genres in electronic music history.


The entire Music, Makers & Machines online exhibition can be accessed online on your desktop now or via the Google Arts & Culture app on iOS or Android. There are also lesson plans for teachers and students.



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  1. admin said

    am March 12 2021 @ 4:13 pm

    It is a real treasure trove, basically, and something you could easily lose hours to.

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