CEntrance Bouncer Mini Mixer/Recorder for DAW

CEntrance Bouncer is a compact 10-channel mini mixer/recorder for DAW-free jamming with your synths and drum machines

The ability to jam and record without a DAW is one that a lot of music technologists crave, particularly if they have got a collection of compact synths and drum machines that they like to sync together.

And so, we have products like CEntrance’s Bouncer, a compact new 10-channel line mixer (the 10 channels are spread across five stereo mini-jack inputs) that comes with an integrated digital recorder.

Offering tactile analogue controls, Bouncer offers a one-touch recording feature that enables you to capture a stereo mix on an SD card. It is made of “tough yet lightweight aluminium,” and eschews a display and menus in favour of a more ‘hands-on’ approach.

Recording is fixed at 24-bit/48kHz, and you can use SD cards of up to 256GB capacity. There’s an ‘audiophile-grade’ headphone amp and a line-level output for monitoring purposes, while a camera-style mount means that you can attach Bouncer to a desk, music/keyboard stand or drum hardware.

Power is drawn via USB-C, so you can use a power bank if you are out in the field, and a thru jack enables you to pass power to other devices, as well.


“Bouncer is great for jamming in small spaces,” says Michael Goodman, CEntrance Founder. “As a live headphone mixer, it helps you dial in your perfect sound. As a portable recorder, it lets you quickly save the stereo mix of your performance to an SD card.

“We designed Bouncer to be easy to use. Now you can remove the computer from your setup, simplifying your rig and letting you choose music over menus.”


Bouncer will be released in December priced at $600. Find out more on the CEntrance website.

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