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The Yamano Hand-Roll Piano is the Only brand Voted as “The Most Amazing Inventions” by Time Magazine editors. The Hand-Roll Piano features full size 61-Standard Key (five Octave) and incorporates lot of tones and rhythms: 128 tones repertoire and 100 rhythms, The Hand-Roll Portable Keyboard also integrate 16-note Polyphony and 20 demo tunes. The Roll-Up piano can operates on 4-AA batteries or AC Adaptor. The portable piano comes with built-in speaker, headphone output , external speaker output and MIDI Output-16 Output Channel Design: with midi cable it can communicate with PC.

The uniquely designed piano weight merely 2 lbs which makes it extremely light for anyone to carry. This amazing Roll-Up Piano is not only useful and handy, it is cool, neat, does not requires storage space and you can play whenever and wherever you love. It is also an affordable keyboard and a perfect gift for anyone; kids, amateurs, serious students or professional musicians. The gift looks exclusive and will last for a very long time for users.

When you step on the stage, you want to have a keyboard that sounds not only amazing, you want one that makes it easy to access sounds and features, is versatile and reliable, feels awesome, looks great, rugged and is downright fun to play! That is where the Yamano Hand-Roll Portable keyboard comes in and what most musicians are waiting for.

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