Yamaha PSR-E413 Synth-Focused Portable Piano

The New Yamaha PSR-E413 incorporates all the cool features that most of us look forward in a portable keyboard. Part Portable Keyboard, part Synthesizer, part Performance Vehicle and part Learning Tool are all the  diverse features included into one power house musical instrument. The PSR-E413 features 61 standard key with Touch Response.

For students learning to play, the PSR-E413 includes Yamaha Portable Keyboard Technology that has becomes the industry benchmark. These features include the Portable Grand features that reset the entire keyboard into the industry best piano sounds with a touch of a button. And the Yamaha Education Suite which teaches students to play the 30 built-in songs into a series of 7 systematic and interactive lessons complete with grade. Additionally, when it is time to perform the PSR-E413 also functions as a user friendly synthesizer with features such as real-time control of sounds using two control knobs and a pitch bend wheel, 100 arpeggio patterns and 20 arpeggio voices. Together, these patterns and voices creates cool sounds, many styles and more. The PSR-E413 also includes 6-track sequencer for you to record your original compositions and performances, USB connectivity and 2-Way Speaker system- complete with base board to project a full clear sound free of distortion.

The Yamaha PSR-E413 Synthesizer Focused Portable’s cool features; time to Learn, time to Play and time to Perform, brings players to new level of realism. Cheers!



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