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The Yamaha P-70 Digital Piano is a Contemporary Piano for home user. Using Yamaha’s AWM stereo sampling, the sound quality produce is superb and normally would not be available in models of this price range.  All the sounds are recorded directly and with detail from the original instruments including grand pianos, electric pianos, vibraphones, strings, harpsichords and organs.

The P-70 features 88-key with Yamaha’s new GHS (Graded Hammer Standard) keyboard. The new GHS gives you the feel and action of a grand piano not just the replicas of the real piano sound. The P-70 has all the contemporary design you require; sleek, elegant, curved corners, compact and light weight, with built-in stereo speakers, superb sound quality and a choice of either black or silver colors.

The P-70 includes maximum 32 notes Polyphony, built-in 50 piano classic songs and 10 voice demo songs. The P-70 weight approximately 28 lbs. 11 oz and require low power consumption. This Contemporary piano’s  portability, superior and amazing sound quality makes Yamaha P-70 a favorite choice for all, be it music beginners, advanced players or pianists.

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