Spitfire Audio Jangle Box Piano, to your DAW


Spitfire Audio has followed-up its emulation of the Mrs Mills Piano by bringing you another classic Abbey Road Studios keyboard instrument, the Jangle Box Piano. This forms part of the company’s Originals plugin series.


This famous Challen ‘studio’ piano is slightly smaller than a standard upright and was used by The Beatles on The Fool on the Hill.


Its name comes from the fact that the ‘jangle’ piano features brass-tipped strips of felt that can be dropped between the hammers to create a hard, percussive tone. It can also be played without these; in this guise the sound is darker and more mellow, with long sustain.


Spitfire Audio’s plugin gives you close, room and vintage signals, with the last of these comprising samples that were captured using vintage ‘60s equipment.


The six presets cover both tack and non-tack modes, and the six controls include the option to adjust the volumes of the sustain pedal and hammers. There are also Expression, Dynamics, Reverb and Tightness controls.


Find out more on the Spitfire Audio website.


The Jangle Box Piano weighs in at 8GB and is available now priced at $29.



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