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The Roland V-Combo VR-700 Stage Keyboard is a Performance Build Organ, High Quality Piano and Synthesizer equipped with all the essential sounds in one easy to use package. The V-Combo VR-700 features 76-keys, velocity-sensitive waterfall keyboard, 128-voice Polyphony for ensemble section and Full polyphony in organ section, Roland’s legendary Virtual Tone Wheel organ technology plus the first class collection of sample sounds including acoustic piano, electric piano, string, brass, synth leads and many more, backing tracks functionality, built-in rhythm.

The Roland V-Combo VR-700 combines an entire keyboard rig into one convenient instrument for fast set-up and portability. The V-Combo dedicated drawbars allows you to modify the organ sound naturally in real time. To also helps you to recreate an authentic organ performance, the D Beam can be used to add tone wheel organ playings effects such as wheel brakes, adding ring modulation, spring shock and volume control.

In addition, the V-Combo backing tracks function and built-in rhythm patterns makes this instrument a multifaceted keyboard and every gigging keyboardist dream come true. This one music instrument is all you need for any live performance. The portable keyboard weight merely 16 kg.

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