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The Roland RD-700GX Stage Piano features stunning 88-key PHA II Ivory Feel Keyboard with Escapement. The RD-700GX’s stunning 88 key stereo multi-sampled piano sounds and classic electric pianos (EPs) on-board, plus audio-play and master controls features are hotter now than ever.

The RD-700GX Ivory Feel keys is great because you do not get the feel of slippery keys, even when your fingers are wet. The RD-700GX also enable you to customize EQ and store set-ups in USB memory. These features are most welcome by gigging keyboardists who only need to connect from the USB key for instant recall and start playing, which you cannot do with most keyboards the same way.

Additionally, the RD-700GX sounds can be further customized with the eight channels of powerful on-board multi-effects. You can also expand and personalized the internal sound-set by adding up to two optional Roland SRX expansion boards. The Roland RD700GX makes great master controller, thanks to multi-zone functionality and three MIDI outputs. The RD-700GX Stage Piano Portable keyboard weight merely 25 kg.

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