Roland Piano AR Pianos App Enables Shoppers View Pianos in Augmented Reality Before Making a Purchase

Roland’s new augmented reality service enables you place a grand piano in any room. You imagine it and Roland’s new Piano AR service will place it. Just scan a QR code and try a virtual piano out in any room in your house.

Roland Corporation announces Roland AR, an innovative Augmented Reality (AR) experience that empowers customers to visualize and engage with pianos within the comfort of their own homes. This initiative will reshape the way consumers interact with and purchase Roland Pianos.

A large piano, therefore, is not a purchase you take (or lift) lightly. Buying a large piano is a big investment. Roland knows this so is making it slightly easier by introducing Piano AR, an augmented reality service that enables you to see a range of its pianos in situ. A kind of ‘try before you buy’ if you like. Or maybe ‘see before you buy’.

The “Roland AR” tech was created by British AR firm Plop. Accessible through Roland’s website and authorized retailer product pages, the experience allows shoppers to view true-to-scale 3D replicas of Roland’s pianos through augmented reality to see which one best fits their space.

The Piano AR service utilises the LIDAR – that’s Light Detection and Ranging – technology that is found in most mobile phones, which enables users to scan their surroundings. You then use your phone to effectively pick up a piano from the Roland range and place it into the scanned environment.

Roland AR is browser-based so you don’t need an additional app to use it. Just scan the QR code and your phone will do the rest, placing the piano model in whatever room you like.

Roland says: “Customers can virtually walk around detailed, to-scale models with dynamic lighting and reflections, providing an unparalleled understanding of the instrument’s presence in their space. Consumers can interact with instruments in a new fun and engaging way.”

“A piano is a big investment and … it is an important piece of furniture too,” said David Paul, global channel marketing manager at Roland. “So, we wanted to ensure that our customers had the best tools available to make the right choice for their homes and spaces.”

Piano AR is free, so far the service works with the latest Roland GP Series of grand pianos as well as the LX uprights and FP digital pianos. Piano AR is the latest in a series of hi-tech Roland digital piano innovations – the GP series of grands, for example, already utilises an app so that users can remotely tailor their piano sounds. There are more details about Piano AR at the Roland website.

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