Rhodes MK8 Electric Piano price confirmed, Available To Pre-Order


Rhodes has opened its virtual doors and started taking pre-orders for its forthcoming MK8 electric piano. The MK8 is priced $9,450/£8,244 and for the ‘entry-level’ version with no customized color options or effects.


A fully pimped-out version (with effects, a smoked transparent hood and a walnut bottom shell) will set you back £10,578. Each MK8 will be built to order by the “Rhodes master craftsmen”, who can make around 50 electric pianos a month.  Meaning that only around 500 pianos will be built per year, so if you do want one, we would advise you to get your order in sharpish. This can be done either by paying a 20% deposit, or shelling out the full amount (in which case the stand will be given out for free).


All specifications will be confirmed with customers before the build commences – you are entitled to a full refund until this point.


Shipping of the pianos is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2022 for the preamp only models, and the second quarter of 2022 for those with effects.


The Rhodes website is currently open to those who signed up for early access.











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