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Nord introduced the new Nord Piano 88 at Winter NAMM 2010. And as it is coming from Nord the stage piano is not going to be a straight forward piano but brings players to another level of realism. The Nord Piano 88 is build not only with sound quality, flexibility, lightweight and portability in mind but also added an impressive response and functionality.

The Nord Piano 88 features 88 keys, weighted hammer action keyboard. The Nord Piano incorporates three band EQ, 6 categories of piano sounds; Grand, Upright, EP Tines, EP Reeds, Clavinet and Harpsichord. Nord went further by adding some modeling, sympathetic string resonance and pedal noise modeling. The pedal noise works in a very natural way. The effects in the Nord Piano are just as detailed as the piano sounds them selves. The tremolo adds that perfect vibe, the pan sweeps across the stereo panorama, and the auto-wah brings out the funk in you, like never before.

The portable keyboard weight approximately 18 kg. The Nord Piano 88 is designed specifically for the piano centric guys as there are no strings nor synthesizers just pianos, electric pianos and harpsichord.

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