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The Nord Electro 3 Hammer Action Portable ( HP in short) possess all the features of it’s predecessor Electro 3 but, is enhances with new Hammer Action Portable keybed, 4 selectable Dynamic Response Curve, a Delay Effect, Long Release mode, String Resonance-control and Extended Control Pedal .

The Nord Electro 3 HP is compatible with the acclaimed Nord Piano and Nord Sample Libraries – including access to Mellotron and Chamberlin sounds and a wide selection of quality sounds from leading sample producers. The new weighted keys Electro 3 HP carries across the tonewheel and transistor modelling of the Nord C1 organ and rotary speaker simulation too. You can select a dynamic curve to suit your playing style and there are four variations, and Nord have developed a new “Long Release” mode that you can select for a smooth legato style. Other effects include a flexible Delay which has a stereo “ping-pong” mode, Tap-Tempo, Rate and Amount. Live locations get ‘upped’ as well in the new model – from 1 to 4 , offering greater degree of of experimentation with regard to sounds and associated settings. Program access too has been improved providing the user with a faster, more efficient ‘button pressing’ sequence and ease of use during a performance.

Nord fans would love this new and weighted keyboard with the emphasis on playability and portability. Weighing merely 11 kg with 73-keys Hammer Action Portable keybed, the ultra portable professional Hammer Action keyboard sets it apart from the current competition. The Nord Electro 3 HP is ideal from gigs to stage performances and studio sessions.

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