Korg MicroPIANO Digital Piano

The mini-keyed Korg microPiano digital piano features 61-key Natural Touch mini keyboard, 61 varied sounds – including 25 Short Phase Sounds; like electric pianos, harpsichords, accordion, celeste, organs, clavs, toy pianos, and many more, Max. 120 notes Polyphony, 40 demo songs, built-in speakers, battery power option. Build on ‘micro’ concept, the mini keyboard is surprisingly playable, and could be use as a serious instrument in the studio and at gigs.

The microPiano with up to 61 onboard sounds – changed by holding the sounds button and pressing any of the keys – the highlights include the piano, electric piano and the piano/string layers. They are great and inspiring to play, with its simple concept and general sound, and can be battery powered too. However, other onboard sounds like pipe organs, toy pianos, a clavinet, celeste, vibes, steel pans and some phases and demo songs are not as useful but, may appeal to the home piano users. The built-in speakers are a little underpowered but opening/shutting the lid enables you some extra options in terms of projecting the sound.

The Korg microPiano really does sound great for what looks like a toy, with some good pianos and electric pianos onboard. Use it on a gig or at a live performance. Perhaps, the Korg microPiano short fall is limited connectivity – no MIDI and no USB port therefore, the instrument is unable to integrate with computers and other studio gear. Weighing merely 11. 46 lbs, the portable keyboard is compact and looks great.. Additionally, the microPIANO is also an ideal choice for a child’s piano practice.

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