Wee Noise Makers intro PGB-1, A Tiny Open Source Pocket Groovebox

Wee Noise Makers has launched a project to fund production of the PGB-1, a compact, all-in-one, open-source groove box.

The PGB-1 is designed to be customized and modified to your taste. The front panel is a bare PCB, designed with the open-source software Kicad. The production file will be available so that anyone can make its own version with custom graphics and get it manufactured for a few bucks.

PGB-1 is also hackable with CircuitPython, C\C++, and Ada support for programming your own synthesizers, video games, or any audio-based projects.


  • All-in-one: you only need one device to craft complete music pieces
  • Powerful: Drums, bass, lead, samples, etc. with advanced sequencing features
  • Truly pocket-size: 10 x 6.6 x 1.5 cm, smaller footprint than a smartphone
  • Hackable: Designed for customization, open-source firmware, and compatible with several programming languages (including Python)

Production of the Wee Noise Makers PGB-1 is being funded via a Crowd Supply project, and it is available to project backers for $225.


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