Vincent Fenton reveals his “Favourite Free Plugin” – Little Radiator


Little Radiator is free music software. Though it’s free plugin but there are many professional producers and musicians using free plugins, as well.

Example, Vincent Fenton – artist also known as FJK (French Kiwi Juice) has just revealed that his favourite digital distortion is none other than SoundToys’ super-simple Little Radiator.

Explaining his love for the effect, he says: “It’s such a simple plugin – there’s literally just two knobs on it. It’s just one called heat and one called mix, and it’s been my favourite digital distortion for probably the last three years.

“I use this every time I need distortion, or even if I don’t need distortion but need something to feel a little bit dirtier,” adds Fenton. “I really love it. It’s one of the most pleasing digital distortions I’ve heard.”

FKJ goes on to say that, while he’ll use outboard analogue distortion gear when he’s at home in his studio – he likes to make his preamps crack up because “it’s fun to do” – he thinks that LIttle Radiator can achieve very similar results.

“This always works,” he enthuses. “You get very close to [the sound] of the analogue console distorting, that special sound that you have with that. You get pretty close to that with this.”

It runs on PC and Mac in VST/AU/AAX formats.

You can currently download Little Radiator for free from the SoundToys website, till January 2 next year (regular $79)

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