UDO Super 6 gets Dedicated Patch Editor


Sunny Synths has introduced a dedicated patch editor and librarian for the UDO Super 6 synth.


It is designed to give you access to all modulations and parameters, including the “Shift” ones. Each program can have additional information as author, description, category and usage documented.


In addition, it features a Bank manager that enables you to arrange your programs in banks of 128 programs.






  • UDO Super 6 interface with same look as actual synthesizer (black version; sorry for the fans of the blue one)
  • Top “LCD screen” displaying parameter name and full description, CC/NRPN number used (or “No CC”), current and saved values
  • Sliders, rotary buttons and switches with same look as synth
  • Bi-directional behavior (for CC/NRPN parameters only): modifying a parameter on the panel modifies it on the synth; modifying a parameter on the synth modifies the panel
  • Envelopes graphs handled by mouse or the DAHDSR/AHDSR sliders
  • Visualization of all fixed and user modulations source, destination and amount
  • Low (CC) and high (NRPN) resolution modes
  • Desktop mode that modifies some modulations’ names
  • Load programs from banks or from individual .s6 files (no Save at the moment)
  • Direct mode to directly load and change programs on the synth
  • Ability to use your own Init program
  • Easy program renaming
  • Programs have a name, category, author, description and step by step usage notes
  • Super 6 drive browser
  • Display or export of text files listing all parameters values, comparisons or only differences
  • Complete librarian providing handling of 2 disk banks and one “Super 6” bank (128 programs by bank). The “Super 6” bank is the one from the actual synthesizer drive.
  • Operations in banks for programs: init, copy, move, swap programs, copy waves
  • Wave manager displaying the waves from DDS1, LFO1, standard and alternative wave slots but also from any .ws6 file and some supported .wav files
  • Load of some supported .wav files and conversion/up-sampling/save to Super 6 .ws6 format
  • Copy of waves between the different sources (wav, ws6, DDS1, LFO1, standard and alternative wave slots) and destinations (DDS1, LFO1, standard and alternative wave slots)
  • Different switches to modify the behavior of the panel
  • Panel zoom with memory
  • Standalone versions for PC and Mac
  • VST versions for PC (64 bits)
  • VST and AU versions for Mac)

The UDO Super 6 patch editor is available now for €35.



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