TikTok has launched its own music distribution platform



TikTok has launched its own music distribution platform, and TikTok is promising to pay artists 100% of royalties for the first year.


TikTok has provided another indication of how important music is to its business by launching SoundOn, an “all-in-one platform for music marketing and distribution”.


A new way to get your music heard


This is designed for new and undiscovered artists who want to grow their fanbases and get their music heard – and possibly even make a bit of money. Artists retain full ownership of their music and there are no admin fees.


SoundOn enables users to upload their music directly to TikTok and start earning royalties when that music is used. It’ll pay out 100% of any royalties earned for the first year, and 90% after that, while also offering what are described as “promotional tools and support”.


Examples include audience insight, advice from the SoundOn artist team, access to TikTok’s song tab, where music is linked to profile pages, and promotional support. We’re also told that SoundOn can distribute music to other platforms, widening your potential reach.


SoundOn is now out of beta and fully launched in the US, UK, Brazil and Indonesia.





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